Framingham renewable energy company Ameresco has completed a $3.7-million energy savings project at four Scotland colleges, the company announced Tuesday.

The project is the first large, multi-site energy performance contract delivered through the Scotland government Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency Framework. It’s also the first higher education contract in Scotland for Ameresco’s UK operation.

Installations and improvements included LED lighting and controls, a combined heat and power system, controls optimization, variable speed drives and CO2 sensing, natural gas conversion, smart occupancy controls, low flow-taps and showers, building envelope improvements, and transformer tap downs.

The projects, located at Edinburgh College, Borders College, Newbattle Abbey College and West Lothian College are expected to save a total of nearly $370,000 each year.

Each college is expected to reduce its carbon emissions by an average of 24 percent.

The project was funded by Scotland’s capital stimulus program last year, and installation contracts were signed in May 2017. The entire installation was completed within six months during summer break.