Warning from UK’s biggest energy generator comes after latest bidding round received no offers to build new farms

Tom Glover
RWE’s Tom Glover: ‘No new wind farms will be built off UK shores until the Government budges on price’ CREDIT: Andre Laaks

No new wind farms will be built off Britain’s shores unless the Government lets operators earn more money from the electricity they produce, the chief of the nation’s biggest generator has said.

Tom Glover, country chair of RWE’s UK arm, said the price offered by the Government to wind farm operators must rise by as much as 70pc to entice companies to build.

Developers must be offered between £65 and £75 per megawatt hour (MWh) for the power generated from wind farms, Mr Glover said.

That compares to the £44 offered in the most recent government-run auction.

His warning follows the disastrous result of the last offshore wind allocation round in September, which ended in a humiliation for ministers with not one company offering to build new offshore wind farms.