The Government has outlined fresh plans to ensure that 10% of all fuel used in flights departing from the UK consist of sustainable sources by 2030.

at EDIE Published 25th April 2024

Government targets 10% of jet fuel to come from sustainable sources

The Government unveiled the new 10% target on Thursday (25 April), which is set to come into force in January 2025, subject to parliamentary approval.

Under the target, the Government estimates that 1.2m tonnes of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) will be supplied to the UK airline industry annually – enough to circle the globe 3,000 times. Proponents of SAFs state that the fuels can produce up to 70% less carbon emissions than the traditional fossil fuels used in most commercial flights.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Sustainable aviation fuel protects the future of UK aviation, the thousands of British jobs that depend on it, and the holidays and business travel flights that we all rely on.

“As part of our plan to grow the economy, the measures announced today will give both UK aviation and the UK SAF industry the certainty they need to keep creating skilled British jobs while giving passengers the freedom to continue travelling by air in a way that’s fit for the future.”