Planning Application

The Energy Recovery Facility will require both planning consent and a Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) Permit.

A planning application for the Energy Recovery Facility is due to be submitted to Aberdeenshire Council in May 2020.

The planning application will include:

• Planning Design & Access (PDA) Statement
• Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), including a Non Technical Statement (NTS)
• Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) report
• Heat & Power Plan

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a key part of many large-scale planning applications. The EIA process is an information gathering exercise carried out by independent experts on behalf of Agile Energy and other bodies. This will enable Aberdeenshire Council, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the local community to fully understand the environmental effects and impact of the proposed development.

In response to the extensive consultation exercise, the EIA has addressed the following key areas:

• Hydrology, Geology & Hydrogeology
• Ecology & Ornithology
• Landscape & Visual
• Noise
• Air Quality
• Traffic & Transport
• Socio-economics
• Cultural Heritage
• Residual Effects