Going green is great for the environment, like installing solar panels, battery packs for the home, driving electric cars, and so on. However sometimes going green can be expensive and in some instances, like electric cars, are a luxury that people who are on a minimum salary simply cannot afford.

However in the UK, a new government scheme will help make things easier for those who aren’t quite as wealthy. The government has announced a new program across England and Wales in which 800,000 low-income homes will be getting free solar panel installations. This billion dollar project will see renewable energy company Solarplicity partner with social housing providers to provide and install solar panels for low-income homes.

The idea behind solar energy is to help reduce dependency on more traditional forms of energy that aren’t quite as good for the environment, or at least provide an alternative source of energy for certain situations or uses. Ultimately it will help reduce the amount that we pay in our electricity bills and according to Solarplicity, this move is expected to save home owners an average £240 a year.

The first 100,000 homes will receive the panels in the first 18 months, with the remaining homes expected to get their solar panels installed over the course of the next five years.

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