Banff and Buchan MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford has hailed the SNP’s strong record on investment in vital infrastructure across the North-East despite the impact of brutal cuts imposed by the Tory party.

The Scottish Government has made multi-billion pound investments in the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, the dualling of the A96 Inverness to Aberdeen, improvements in the Haudagain junction, improvements to the Aberdeen to Inverness rail line, delivery of significant investment in the roll out of superfast broadband coverage across rural areas and an additional £254million of investment as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

The Scottish Government also has a strong commitment to investing in the oil and gas sector and renewable energy, supporting long-term jobs for our communities.

But investment in the North-East would be significantly higher if the Tory government matched the SNP’s commitment to the area.

Not only has the Tory government failed to respond appropriately to the downturn in the oil and gas sector but in Banff and Buchan a promise to invest £1billion in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at Peterhead was dropped showing disdain for jobs and the local economy.

Dr Whiteford said: “I am proud that projects which were delayed for decades under previous governments, like the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, are finally becoming a reality – and will bring lasting benefits for people across the region for years to come.

“The SNP has always been committed to investing in the North-East economy, which is a real driving force for the whole of Scotland, and this commitment will continue in the years to come in the face of crippling Tory austerity and public service cuts.

“Instead the Tory government has failed in their duty to support the North East pulling £1billion in investment for CCS at Peterhead Power Station leaving the facility’s future in jeopardy.

“The choice facing voters across the North-East in both May and June is absolutely clear – do they want to elect a strong team of SNP representatives that will always stand up for the interests of the North-East, and a track record of delivering vital infrastructure projects such as the AWPR, new schools, improvements to the Haudagain junction, thousands of new affordable homes, support for both the renewables and oil and gas sectors, and an additional £254 million as part of the Aberdeen Region City Deal?

“Or do they want to elect Tory representatives who are obsessed with cutting our vital public services such as education and health and social care, slashing investment in the vital infrastructure projects that the North-East economy depends on, continuing to ignore the needs of the North Sea energy sector, and that are utterly desperate to pile misery on the most vulnerable in our society?”