The Scottish Government has failed to put in place a clear plan for climate action and the integrity of the country’s climate framework is now at risk, the official climate advisory body for UK policymakers has warned.

by Edie Staff, Published 7th December 2022

Scotland’s net-zero transition ‘hangs in the balance’, CCC warns

Pictured: Glasgow City Chambers and George Square

Through a new progress report, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) has condemned the Scottish Government for failing to offer a “coherent explanation” for how its policies will achieve the country’s bold emissions reduction targets.

In recent years, the Scottish parliament has committed to “extraordinary ambition” to decarbonise its economy, with a welcome focus on a fair and just transition, the report states. It said the ambition “should be applauded”, but “only if targets are achieved”.

CCC chair Lord Deben said: “In 2019, the Scottish parliament committed the country to some of the most stretching climate goals in the world, but they are increasingly at risk without real progress towards the milestones that Scottish ministers have previously laid out.