Tesla Energy Plan launched inviting homes to become part of Virtual Power Plant

Image: Tesla.


Tesla has launched the Tesla Energy Plan, combining solar and Powerwall batteries with a fixed tariff.

It will allow households to become part of the UK Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) it said, connecting a network of homes that generate, store and return electricity to the grid at peak times.

The Energy Plan is designed to power a home, with or without an electric vehicle (EV) with 100% clean energy, either from the solar panels on the roof or from Octopus Energy, the retail partner in the plan. This will reduce electricity bills, protect homes from power cuts and support the grid when it needs it by exporting solar power.

Rooftop solar will be used to generate power for the home, with any surplus stored in the Powerwall batteries or exported to the grid. This will all be managed by Tesla’s smart energy management system, which will optimise the energy stored or sold to the grid. This ensures it is sold during peak times, when there is the most demand for power, reducing the need for fossil fuels on the grid.

The Powerwall battery system will continue to power homes when the sun isn’t shining, or during a power cut. The activity of the system can be monitored through the Tesla app.

The Tesla Energy Plan offers the lowest flat electricity rates in the UK according to the company, and can save up to 75% on customers’ bills when compared with Big Six providers and based on electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year

It has a flat import rate of £0.08kWh for current Tesla vehicle owners and £0.11/kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners, which the company says is the lowest single rate in the market.

Additionally, it has a flat export rate of £0.08kWh for Tesla vehicle owners and £0.11/kWh for non-Tesla vehicle owners, which is says is up to 100% more than the best fixed Solar Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff on the market.

Indeed, of the SEG rates released in January when the legislation came into effect, Social Energy topped the chart with a price of £0.056/kWh. Octopus Energy – Tesla’s retail partner – offers £0.055/kWh for its outgoing fixed SEG tariff.

The Tesla Energy Plan has been being progressively rolled out, building up from an initial trial. It was then opened to Tesla owners, then EV owners before being extended to solar and Powerwall owners from Monday 26 October.