UK couple behind revolutionary customer-owned energy firm call for support to take on the ‘Big Fix’

A UK couple are a step closer to breaking British energy supply’s “big fix” and have appealed for more public support in a successful online crowdfunding campaign that concludes this week.

Entrepreneurs David Pike and Karin Sode have already attracted more than �300,000 towards founding Our Energy, a revolutionary company set to stand in contrast to Britain’s Big Six suppliers of gas and electricity by being completely transparent and customer-focused, giving 75 per cent of profits back to consumers and ensuring user representation on its board of directors.

Once up and running, Our Energy will reward with free energy those members of the public who have donated towards a crowdfunding campaign, which ends on Friday (February 24) at midnight. The company will become operational later this year and break new ground in national energy supply, providing two simple tariffs, ‘lean’ and ‘green’, respectively the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly supply the company can offer. Now, David and Karin are aiming to attract �450,000 in order to increase Our Energy’s competitiveness on price with major UK suppliers.

David said: “We are delighted to have received backing from over 1400 supporters who have raised more than �300,000 to ensure that Our Energy will become operational later this year. By attracting further funding, more customers can reap the benefits of a democratic and transparent energy supplier.”

Karin said: “We have been amazed by the positive response we have had from people, not just through their pledges, but also in the many positive comments we have had. There is an absolute desire to change how essential services are provided to people in our communities. People are expressing a hunger to be part of a business model that returns ownership of a natural resource to them and is built on sharing rather than grabbing.”

Customers will be represented on the board, have voting rights on business decisions and be informed of all costs involved in running the energy business.

Consumers can secure their place as future owners of Our Energy by donating at Shares cannot be bought and sold, instead remaining in the hands of customers.

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David Pike, director

David originally trained as an engineer and in recent years has provided leadership consultancy to the power generation and network sectors for EDF and Scottish Power. An experienced business leader, he has led multimillion pound organisations from loss to profit.

What is Our Energy?

In a radical new move, Our Energy will put profits and ownership in the hands of UK consumers of gas and electricity. People are fed up with being taken for a ride by large corporates, and they have lost trust in their energy suppliers (43% of consumers don’t trust their supplier to be fair, according to ofgem). 75% of the profits will be returned to customers in an annual rebate!

How will customers own the business?

Customers receive free share ownership of the business within three years. When customers stay with Our Energy, they are given free shares which they can keep as long as they remain a customer. They can’t sell the shares to someone else. Our Energy wants UK citizens to always own their own energy supply.

How will it be democratic?

Customers will vote and shape the direction of the company. When major decisions need to be made within Our Energy, customers will have a vote on the direction of the business.

How will it be transparent?

Our Energy’s directors will share decisions, accounts, our salaries and wholesale energy costs openly. Together, the staff and customers will change the way that resources that naturally belong to the public are distributed among them. Power in consumers’ hands – no less, no more.

Is it green?

Green energy is very important to the company and Our Energy will offer real renewable options to its customers. Over time, the company will also invest in local renewable energy generation.

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