EBR Staff Writer Published 11 April 2018

Swedish utility Vattenfall has installed the first of 11 MHI Vestas turbines at its European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The turbine is one of two machines that have been enhanced with further internal power modes from 8.4MW to 8.8MW to generate clean energy from the EOWDC, which is said to be Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility.

Vattenfall said installation marks the first commercial deployment of an 8.8MW model at an offshore wind farm.

Vattenfall EOWDC project director Adam Ezzamel said: “The first turbine installation is a significant achievement and credit to the diligence and engineering know-how of the project team and contractors.

“For it to be one of the 8.8MW models make it an even more momentous moment because it further endorses the EOWDC as a world-class hub of offshore wind innovation.”

The two enhanced turbines along with the nine 8.4MW turbines increase the capacity of EOWDC to 93.2MW.

Vattenfall business area wind head Gunnar Groebler said: “The turbines for the EOWDC, Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility, help secure Vattenfall’s vision to be fossil fuel free within one generation.

“The EOWDC, through its innovative approach to cost reduction and pioneering technologies, leads the industry drive towards generating clean and competitive wind energy power – one that will reinforce Scotland’s global energy status.”

The facility will be able to generate clean electricity equivalent to more than 70% of Aberdeen’s domestic electricity demand, and displace 134,128 tons of CO2 annually.

Vattenfall said that EOWDC is also the first offshore wind project featuring commercial scale suction bucket jacket foundations, the first of which was recently installed.

Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group chair Jean Morrison said: “The EOWDC is leading the way in terms of innovation for the offshore wind sector and will help enable the next generation of offshore wind.”

The turbines are being transported to Aberdeen by Swire Blue Ocean’s vessel, the Pacific Orca, from Esbjerg. Upon reaching Aberdeen, the turbines will be lifted into position on the installed foundations.

Image: A wind turbine being installed at EOWDC in Aberdeen Bay. Photo: courtesy of Vattenfall.